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“Gratitude for the sunrise


Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

If you know anything about life it comes with up’s and downs no matter how great /bad of a person you are. You eventually accept what comes with it.

Showing gratitude to the people, places and things you have helps you mentally, emotionally and spiritually and in return you will receive it back!

There are many ways to show gratitude to one’s self and to the others around you. You can be kind to someone by holding the door, saying please and thank you when someone is doing something for you, do anything out the kindness of your heart without wanting anything in return and simply just being grateful your eyes opened up to another day of fun filled adventure.

When you have gratitude for where you are and what you have it opens up other doors for you receive other blessings that are meant for you.

Be thankful for life! Because someone else lost their’s and wanted to live.

Be grateful for a roof over your head because you could be homeless.

Be grateful you have a job because someone else lost theirs due to health complications!

Be grateful you are able to live a life where YOU make the decisions.

Gratitude. Practice it. ✨

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