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Heal Soul

Heal Soul

Heal Your Soul

“Energy is Forever Changing “


Scent: Vanilla, Mango, Peach

Crystal: 7 chakras

Herb: Ginkgo Leaf

Infused with Reiki Healing Energy! ✨

When your soul is Damaged due to trauma, life decisions and your environmental circumstances only YOU can change your mindset to heal your soul!

It’s your responsibility to heal through your past trauma’s even though it wasn’t your fault!

It’s your decisions that you made based off of your emotions that got you to where you are!

The environment you keep yourself in contributes to your well being as well! The people you keep around, the job you work and where you live plays a role in your life fulfillment that you control!

Changing can be hard! But when you have Discipline, Determination and Believe in Yourself you can do anything you want to do! 💯

Unlearn unhealthy habits and Toxic traits! Learn how to have a healthy relationship with yourself and then you can have healthy relationships with the people around you!

It starts within YOU! 🙌🏾 Find and Create your balance ✨

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