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“Let Go of the people,places and things that no longer serve you”

Scent: Sandlewood & Lavender


Crystal: White Howlite

In order to continue to receive the things that are meant for you you must release the people, places and things that are not serving your highest good. Holding on to the old things causes blockages for the new to enter your life.

Letting go of people you know is hard! Especially when it’s your family, childhood friends, coworkers. Some people don’t realize that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season and yet they been around for years because we as humans can’t seem to let go of the history behind the relationship. Holding on to people who are not holding onto you, not giving to you, not supporting you and just taking! All your relationships must be reciprocal or you will become depleted.


We all Hold on to places and things that are comfortable to us. Not realizing that this is causing a blockage for you to be open minded about learning different places and things. The more you see. The more you mind open. The more you learn and experience the more wisdom you develop.

Be open minded! ✨

Don’t be afraid to let go! You’re letting go so that you can receive what’s meant for you!

Fear only stops you from Growth! 💯


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