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Turning Nothing Into to Something ✨

Imagine Coming From Nothing! Literally.

I mean usually when your brought into the world your given a mom and dad who cares for you unconditionally! They give you love affection, clothes, food teach you how to be a good human and sometimes giggles, smiles and good memories. All in all your parents are suppose to provide for you as a human financially because obviously your a baby and can't do it on your own. But say you didn't get that! And got the total opposite. You never received these things as a child. You received something so different. You received a new home. With a new mom. New environment. New set of rules. But you never even knew rules. You didn't even know these people. But you were introduced to their trauma and family dynamics. You got introduced to toxic relationships, acholism, favoritism, abandonment and told that whatever went on in the house stays in the house even if it was bad! You kept family secrets that wasn't suppose to be secrets ever.

You never was embraced with the things you needed Financially, Spiritually, Physically or Emotionally. You were literally born poor. Born into toxic. Born into to proverty. Born into NOTHING.

You get older and you become observant to everyone around you. You pay attention more to actions then words. When stuff you needed such as transportation, love, affection, motivation, Clothing and Support was received outside of where you was suppose to receive it you realize you had to get things done and go get things on my own or else they wouldn't get done.

Those same people who treated you like nothing, like a option, a source of extra money start looking at you like you better then them. All because you had NOTHING and Made that into something And Receiving Everything you ever needed including unconditional love!

Coming from Nothing teaches you soooo much! It's teaches you independence, shows you your strength/ powers, helps you develop self-love and make you appreciate what kind of human you are. Because after all you been through you still choose love. You still choose not to give up. You still choose to Not give up and keep going. You still choose YOU!

Though all you ever wanted was love and support from those closest to you you found you never needed it. You find that you were all you ever needed and you never needed NOTHING!

You found a way to turn your pain into passion! ✨

You fully understand that you have to go through it to get through it and eventually you always end up on top! You gained even more strength, boundaries,wisdom and self mastery!

And I am so very thankful for the lessons! 💯

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