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Unconditional Love

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

What if you Never Knew what love was? Let alone knowing what unconditional love is. Not having the right people to model what love truly is suppose to be. Understanding that you not only love someone for their good qualities but their flaws too!

Imagine growing up in a home you already felt like a outsider in because you were adopted. Adopted into your family but yet still felt like a outsider. Witnessing abuse, favoritism, alcoholism and toxic relationships. Even the system failed to love you! You start to believe a unconditional love don't exist! Especially since your own Birth mom couldn't get you back due to an addiction to drugs. You start to question your worth and if your even worthy of someone else ever loving you for the damaged person you are. Even though being damaged was never your fault. Realizing that though it wasn't my fault healing those wounds was my responsibility.

Healing myself is my biggest flex! Loving myself has always given me the confidence to keep going!

So you ask me how can someone know what unconditional love is if they've never had it or experienced it?

I truely believe you just Be it. Life is all about choices so you choose to be That love. You be what you needed when you were a child. You choose to be unconditional love. I've learned a few lessons being observant my whole life. Knowing that the kind of love that I saw and was given was not the kind of love I wanted in my adult life just by watching romance on tv and seeing other people portray their healthy love around me.

I always knew I was different. When I could still love someone for hurting me. No matter what was done I was still there with open arms ready to love them like they've never hurt me. You can be a forgiving person. But sometimes forgiveness doesn't necessarily solve the problem on the other persons end. When hurt starts to become a pattern it is no longer a accident or mistake. And this is when I found myself to start to forgive and love from a distance.

It doesn't mean I don't love you. It just means I have to protect myself and my peace in order to continue to love myself unconditionally! I choose me. And I will continue to choose me every time.

I had to learn Just because you love people unconditionally doesn't mean you have to let up on your own boundaries to feel loved by people who suppose to love you anyway. The love you give yourself is worth wayyyyyy more than the love anyone else can give you.

Love has no conditions! Love is Love. It will always conquer.

-Forever Love 💛

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